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share pop.
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sharepop : a guilty pleasure community.

what's allowed and what's not.

sharepop is a community for sharing pop music, not mainstream music. as a place mainly aimed at, i suppose, indie rock fans, it is for those people who also share an embarrassing affection for trashy cheesy pop music - not the tripe that's rather loosely classified as "pop music" today. for example...

stuff that's good: the spice girls, robbie williams, girls aloud, ace of base, s club 7, etc etc...

stuff that's not: 50 cent, the pussycat dolls, green day, hard-fi, fall out boy, avril lavigne, etc etc...

otherwise, that's pretty much it. the occasional indie pop/britpop track is allowed, and you're very welcome to share and request both albums and tracks. and do please aim to have at least one offering per entry, aight?

girl power and all that,